LFI 2016


Better Light Changes Everything.

Come explore better light from Cree: Exhibit #2637

From Better Science, Better Light.

It’s brightness without glare. High lumens at low cost. Comfortable, familiar color. Simple sophistication. Illumination only where needed. And so much more.

Cree Belongs on Your Must-See List. Here’s Why:


Better Light Revealed

We created better light. Now we are creating better ways to use it. Come see the latest in luminaire and LED innovations — only from Cree!


SmartCast® PoE Demos

Lighting is crucial. So is business intel. With Power over Ethernet (PoE), SmartCast® Technology can now connect the two. Come see SmartCast® in action!


Interactive Contests*

Open to conversation is open to innovation! Share your ideas with us, participate in interactive contests and stay in touch with our daily updates.

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Hear Cree Expertise at the Conference:

Paul Scheidt

Course Title: LED Luminaire Design: Beyond the Basics, Tips and Tricks for a Better Product

Speaker: Paul Scheidt (and Others)

Date/Time: Sunday 04/24 9a-5p

Abstract: The goal of this intermediate LED luminaire design course is to bring the audience beyond the basic level and touch on the next level of detail for each of the major engineering disciplines LED, thermal, mechanical, electrical and optical.

Course Title: Advanced LED Luminaire Design: A Deep Dive into Two Products

Speaker: Paul Scheidt (and Others)

Date/Time: Monday 04/25 9a-5p

Abstract: This advanced LED luminaire design course will tackle two common, core LED luminaires working from the concept through design trade-offs and validation. A series of advanced learning topics will be threaded through each product design presentation.

A Better Experience with Our Light.
A Better Result with Our Technology.

LED Luminaires & Lamps

Whether at home or at school, in patient care facilities or in the workplace, see how we are harnessing the benefits of intelligent light to enable better results now and in the future.


Simple, Intuitive, Intelligent. PoE: Scalable Intelligence for Customized Control. Cree SmartCast® Technology redefines intelligent light. Think intuitive. Think easy to install and set up. Think, "it just works."


Cree WaveMax™ Technology brings reduced-glare illumination with control and efficiency for better visual comfort. Think warm street lighting, precision beam control with high-ceilinged spaces and beautiful distribution.


See everything in a new light! Configurations may vary but quality doesn't in our new complete line of LED lighting solutions, including Downlights, Track Fixtures and Flat Panel Troffers.


We’ve reinvented light experience with our new TrueWhitePlus Technology. This spectral control breakthrough technology will enable LED innovations that are not possible with incumbent technology. Think best lighting experience—light delivered where and how you prefer it, with each application.

Product Collage

LED Modules & Components

Cree LED Components are essential to the better light experience, delivering the industry's best lumen density, reliability and light quality to enable smaller, better luminaires at lower system cost.



  • High-Performance Building Blocks
  • Design Flexibility



  • Application-Optimized Performance
  • Lowest System Cost

Integrated Arrays

Integrated Arrays

  • High Efficacy and Lumen Output
  • Single Component Simplifies Product Design



  • High Performance and Color Quality
  • Quickest Time to Market

Better Light All Across San Diego!

While you're in town, take a quick Cree sight-seeing tour. From SeaWorld to the San Diego Sports Arena, this route will show you big-time energy savings happening all over San Diego! See Google Map >

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